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Ofermod, Black Altar and Acherontas prepare to release Drakonian Elitism

November 16, 2023

A confluence of black metal powers, an alliance of explorers of the outer reaches , disciples of the dark; Odium Records have brought together three of the genre’s most renowned and respected artists for the creation of one very special split album. Together Ofermod, Black Altar and Acherontas have crafted the monolith of mysteries and might that is Drakonian Elitism – ten tracks of supreme black metal art!

Each protagonist in this dramatic ritual of invocation and transformation has brought unique elements to the alchemical blend of sounds, yet as each chapter of the tale unfolds it flows perfectly into the next. Ofermod, featuring a rhythm section of Devo Andersson (Marduk etc) and James Stewart (Vader, Decapitated etc) with backing vocalist Shadow (Black Altar etc) alongside the band’s vocalist, guitarist and heartbeat Belfagor, begin the ceremony in claustrophobic clouds of terror, building to a ceremonial climax with ‘Atavistic Chants Of Levitation’. Black Altar then take up the mantle with Shadow and James Stewart joined by guitarist Necro and additional clean vocals from Lars Broddesson (Hild, Marduk etc). Black Altar grasp the cold flame that burns at the heart of black metal and devastate in an awe-inspiring display of orthodox decimation, centred upon the breathtaking violence of ‘In The Labyrinths Of Sitra Achra’. Finally the torch is passed to the mysterious entity that is Acherontas, lead by V.P. Adept, to endow us with the final gift of revelation through the jarring ‘Intra Psyche’ and the consuming, hypnotic ‘Astra Magia’. With its last ringing note ‘Astra Magia’ grasps the listener and draws them down into the silence of the void, closing the door on Drakonian Elitism’s chamber of wonder and secrets.

Presented in the fitting majesty of Daniele Valeriani (Dark Funeral, Mayhem, Unanimated etc)’s artwork, in an array of formats - Die Hard red vinyl, black vinyl, tape, CD digi-pak, digital and limited edition deluxe wooden box – Drakonian Elitism will be unveiled in the last days of December. This album is a defining statement in the unending crusade of black metal, one which embraces the true essence of the genre’s spirit. This entwining of musical power, enthralling atmosphere and arcane knowledge could only have been created by this sacrilegious trinity of fallen angels…Ofermod, Black Altar and Acherontas.

Track Listing:

1 – Ofermod – Intro
2 – Ofermod – Vinum Sabathi
3 – Ofermod – Agios Ischyros Belial
4 – Ofermod – Atavistic Chants Of Levitation
5 – Black Altar – Via Draconis
6 – Black Altar – In The Labyrinths Of Sitra Achra
7 – Black Altar – The Oracle Of Divine Madness
8 – Black Altar – Outro
9 – Acherontas – Intra Psyche
10 – Acherontas – Astra Magia


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