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Serpents Oath prepare to release Revelation

November 09, 2023

Following in the burnt and blistered wake of their searing second album, Ascension, Belgium’s devilish division of black metal commandos, Serpents Oath, have returned with the third chapter in their tome of satanic secrets; an album that reaches further into darkness, peers deeper into the abyss and dares to defy the very highest of holy powers – this is Revelation.

“As this is the third record, we realized we had to challenge ourselves…” said the band when speaking about the creation of Revelation – and they have met every challenge head on, leaving it as so much dust in their wake. Even those who embraced Ascension and its potent forbearer Nihil will be astonished by the fiercely focussed ferocity of Revelation. The unswerving dedication, the absolute commitment to the cause radiates from every blazing note of every soul rending track on this outstanding testament to the eternal power of black metal. Steeped in the genre’s heritage, yet exuding an individuality and singular presence, Revelation is a definitive statement of the darkest of musical arts. Intimidating tracks like the two singles untimely ripped from Revelation’s unholy womb – ‘Blood Covenant’ and ‘Purification Through Fire’ – combine violent energy, terrifying atmosphere and masterful musicianship into shocking invocations of diabolic might. Yet even greater works of arcane force lie deeper in the darkness of Revelation’s vault…the haunting ‘Unto Typhon’, the malicious magic of ‘Drakonian Gnosis’…such glorious horrors await within the serpent’s coils – each one blessed with an incendiary production, mix and master, carefully crafted by the respected Yarne Heylen (Carnation, Nervosa etc) at Project Zero Studio.

Serpents Oath have found a new label home for the release of Revelation with the infamous Odium Records and label head, Shadow, predicts that the album “will see them taking this to the next level” – and the truth in those words is palpable, indisputable. When Revelation is unveiled on December 20th, resplendent in its majestic artwork created by Néstor Avalos (Dark Funeral, Rotting Christ, Varathron etc) Serpents Oath will surely stake their claim to black metal’s throne of blood and fire.

Track Listing:

1 – Invocatio Genesis
2 – Blood Covenant
3 – Gateways To Tiamat
4 – Purification Through Fire
5 – Invocatio Apocalypsis
6 – Beyond The Void
7 – Drakonian Gnosis
8 – Path Of The Serpent
9 – Invocatio Resurrectio
10 – Cult Of Death
11 – Unto Typhon
12 – Pandemonium


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