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Serpents Oath - Revelation

  • Serpents Oath



    The Eternal City lies in ruins and the broken bodies of the Host are scattered through the rubble. A trail of blood and ichor leads through the scene of smouldering desolation and desecration to the holiest of holies, to the very throne of God. And there, while a bereft creation screams in anguish, sits the exiled one returned, the forsaken son, the Morning Star, the Adversary…Lucifer, Satan, the Lord of Hell and Prince of Darkness…now King of Heaven. Sated on the rich wine of vengeance and angelic tears he gazes through the shifting smoke and improbable flames at the kneeling seraphim in chains. He looks upon the dawn of a new era, a new beginning, a new universal order. He looks upon his kingdom and he sees that it is good…

    “Yours is my flesh and my spirit”

    Forged in the black flames of absolute dedication and total commitment, Revelation is the third album from Belgian black metal force, Serpents Oath. Step beneath its forbidding portal and discover riffs of excoriating violence that seethe in a grand chalice of blasphemous atmosphere and blood, hear words of dark wisdom and unholy obeisance, enunciated with venomous intent. Feel the unimagined power of drums that thunder like the onset of war and bear witness as meticulously crafted songs are unleashed, rampaging through the ether in a glorious celebration of rebellion and triumph. When Serpents Oath open their veins in supplication they bleed the very essence of the black metal art, pure and undiluted, undiminished by the passing decades. From the chilling ‘Invocatio Genesis’, when the first tendrils of delicious terror curl about your heart, through the adamantine resolve of ‘Blood Covenant’, the bewildering incisions of ‘Drakonian Gnosis’ and down the twisting ‘Path Of The Serpent’, Revelation is a storm-tossed passage through black oceans, an engulfing experience that will leave the willing listener transformed, reshaped and reborn on the steps of ‘Pandemonium’.

    “Pledged in Blood, Will and Power. Commit totally from this very hour.”

    Following in the bloody footsteps of two preceding, acclaimed albums – Nihil and Ascension – and with Serpents Oath now allied with Odium Records, a label of dark renown and forbidding reputation, the time is right for Revelation to march on to unprecedented triumphs. Swathed in the magnificent artwork of Néstor Avalos (Dark Funeral, Rotting Christ, Varathron etc), a towering image depicting a victorious Satan upon the throne of a vanquished God and recorded to exacting standards by Yarne Heylen (Carnation, Nervosa etc) at Project Zero Studio, the album’s armour is impregnable. On November 24th the horns of war will sound as Serpents Oath take to the field of conflict and death will ride with them.

    “Live by the rule of Fang and Claw, Survival is the highest Law”

    Genre: Black Metal
    For fans of: Dark Funeral | Gorgoroth | Marduk | Sargeist

    Tes Re Oth - Vocals
    Mørkald - Bass
    Baelus - Guitar
    Daenum - Guitar
    Draghul - Drums


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  • Serpents Oath
  • Serpents Oath
  • Serpents Oath
  • Serpents Oath